Docenten Manglar: Daniel

Daniel Jaramillo – Monitor at Bello Oriente, Medellín

Why I dedicate myself to music:

I am Daniel Alejandro Jaramillo Londoño and I am one of the beneficiaries of Fundación Caminos for 11 years. I like to learn from her and at the same time teach since I think that music is a very beautiful path and I like to help children who are in bad situations so that they have a space for learning and distraction through music.

My role in Movimiento Manglar:

I started in the first project called A Clockwork Orange, which was about soccer, I was in that project from the age of 7 to 11, later that same year at the foundation I met Professor Darío Eraso and together with him the music and the beautiful work he did. There I started playing drums and four years later I also learned to play guitar, bass and more percussion instruments.

At the beginning of the year 2022 I began to do tutorials with some colleagues who also had a good process and we took charge of giving the classes when the teacher was not there and in this way I began to learn a little more about music and how to work with young children. . Thanks to the foundation, many doors have been opened for me and I have had very good study and work opportunities and my idea is to continue with this beautiful project.

Instrument(s): Drums and Guitar