Docenten Manglar: Daniela

Daniela Ibarra – Professor at all the foundation’s locations

Why I dedicate myself to music:

Music has always been in my life and therefore my decision was to dedicate my life to it. My dedication to this branch of the arts is reflected in teaching, because my desire and longing has always been to contribute to each musical training process. For this reason, I always want to use the best methodologies and study plans to achieve the proposed objectives, which benefit the musical training process of each student.

My role in Movimiento Manglar:

With the Manglar Movement Foundation I work as a teacher and workshop facilitator of instruments: saxophone and clarinet. Also, from the musical initiation part. My role will always be to contribute to the musical training process of the children who are part of the Manglar Movement. Not only from the musical, but from the being, where each child can develop their skills and abilities through their taste for music, and at the same time strengthen its values.

Instruments: Saxophone and Clarinet