Docenten Manglar: Dario

Dario Eraso – Professor, Co-founder and Musical Director

Musician-composer with a Master’s Degree in Education. Professor at the University of Antioquia, with 20 years of experience working with vulnerable populations and music

Why I dedicate myself to music:

Music has been my engine, my way of life, I decided to study music and I have dedicated myself to it since my childhood, I graduated as a music composer. Because of music I have traveled, I have lived in various places, I have met wonderful people, I have had the opportunity to express myself, to create, to dream, to help and to teach, both at an academic and more empirical level. In a country like Colombia it is not easy to follow the path of art, but I have never regretted following this path, through music I have confirmed the importance of being coherent, of following the heart.

My role in Movimiento Manglar:

Some time ago, I found other great passions that have been teaching and social work. With my musician friend Derk we formed the Manglar Movement Foundation, where I am currently the musical director. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a loving environment, to be able to educate myself, to have opportunities that many in my country have not had, I feel responsible for giving back to life a little of what she has given me, to show solidarity with the pain of others, to give back with my work to so many wonderful young people, girls and boys with great talent, with great dreams and possibilities, I am clear that this is my vital mission.

Instruments: Piano, Electric Bass, Percussion, Trumpet, Sampling, and more…

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