Docenten Manglar: Derk

Derk – Professor, Co-Founder and Operational Director

Musician with a master’s degree in biology and environmental management. Working with music and education in the city of Medellín since 2012.

Why I dedicate myself to music:

Music has been one of my first loves, and it will be one of the last. By playing together I have enjoyed and learned a lot; I have come to appreciate the beauty and magic of creating something that is bigger than yourself. I have been inspired by seeing others play and move forward. I have also learned about the virtues of study and how to advance through practice.

My role in Movimiento Manglar:

We teach children from different backgrounds and different levels to play music, in a playful way. Most of them have never had the opportunity to play an instrument before, and through the Manglar Movement they get on and play and can experience the joy and wonder of musical exploration, without pressure. However, we do ask that you stick to some basic rules of the game, which ensure that no one wastes time, and also teaches them a little about responsibility and discipline, virtues that will also help them move forward in life.

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Singing, Violin.